Nutella WWW site

Ecco alcuni testi di Cassini sulla Nutella. Il testo che segue riguarda un E-mail che ho spedito a vari sostenitori di Nutella nel mondo ricevendo alcune risposte che seguiranno.

Dear ***, (It's your REAL name???),

          I'm Diego and I call from Italy. I was walking into the 
alimentary cyberspace when the word Nutella stroke my eyes. I thought: 
it's possible that Nutella is known also in the USA. In Italy Nutella 
is THE MYTH. It's the mother's nightmare and the dentist's dream. 
Every child just once in his life had sbaffated [I've used this new 
anglo-italian new word because I don't know an English word that means 
"eat something hiddenly, voraciously, happily and without any kind of 
respect regarding his own skin's and stomach's health"] half Nutella
pot during a secret night raid into  the fridge. 

          I love Nutella (even if I prefer girls) and I think that one
Kilo of it is better than one hundred hour of psychoanalysis: you
spend less  money and you solve more problems (except spot and
diarrhoea if you do an  intensive treatment). 

          I attend an important italian college where I'm specializing
in  agro-alimentary subject. Do you guess what will be my future? Work
at Ferrero (the company that produces Nutella), of course. Send
me a notice about NUTELLA's fans and other american "hard" sweet things.


Diego Guidotti SSSUP "S.Anna" Pisa, ITALY. E-Mail